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all the crafts work essentially the same

1 craft with 1 gathering & 1 mission skill

for artifice the gathering skill is Archeology & the mission skill is Treasure Hunting.

gathering mats are normally green quality ~ Mission skill mats are blue or purple (the color of the frame around the material)

green paterrns require only green mats - while blue paterns add some blue mats & purple paterns require the purple mats

leveling is so fast in this game you really don't need to bother with the purple paterns.

for a Sentinal ou're going to want to make the might hilts & look for an enhancements that have endurance & power - as you get to the higher levels you will want to start using some enhancements with accuracy/ crit/ surge

There is a nice sticky at the top of the crafting forum about how the RE system works for the offhand items - you're going to want to look at that. But as a sentinel your offhand is a saber ~ so you're really in good shape as the same mods will work great for both sabers.
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