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Random nonsensical garbage can generally hijack any attempt at political or religious "debate" in an MMO. You are dealing with bored people, for the most part, who crave attention... something they can jump on and appear super leet cool.

Pop in a gem of a one liner, occasionally type up a storm of REALLY bad jokes, mention bacon as it relates to Star Wars, drop a pun or two, or perhaps some dialogue from any one of a number of cult favorite movies (Holy Grail, Boondock Saints, Princess Bride, just to name a few).

The purpose is to direct attention to what you type and not to you. You don't want to be so annoying that you just end up on ignore lists. You also don't want to be too memorable NOR do you want to take part in whatever direction you just guided the convo. Be a ninja conversationalist. Strike fast with creativity, then go back to perusing the GTN or waiting on your queue to pop. Strike again as needed, but it usually only takes about three comments to get the focus on subjects of your choice instead of what politician is the most crooked or which religion did what to whom back whenever.

If General is going by REALLY fast, peeps may miss your comment. When that happens, I just click another Tab on my chat box and it all disappears.

Gamers, when not actually "gaming", have the attention spans of a rabid titmouse. Just have to give them something else to nibble on and take the edge off their entitled opinions.
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