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Hello there.

1) Is the Super Secret Space Project (SSSP) still alive? I'm refering to the 'space overhaul' previously mentioned a few times by Daniel Erickson. It was stated that this overhaul has nothing to do with the new space missions currently on the PTS but little else was released. With no mention since august I was wondering if the project is still ongoing or has it been scrapped?

2) If it is still being worked on can we know anything more about it? 3D flight sim, space pvp, actual space exploration etc.

3) Will Makeb be free to subscribers?

4) Are you currently working on implementing any mini-games (Pazaak, Sabaac, Dejarik, Swoop racing etc)

5) Chapter 4 is rumored to be the same story for all 8 classes. Any truth in this?

Would be overjoyed if you could answer the 1st question. The rest are secondary to me.

Thanks in advance.
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