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This is a multiplayer game. The amount of QQ on these forums over people PLAYING TOGETHER is staggering.
That should be a clue as to what the vast majority of he players are. Look, I play Premades around 60% of the time but there are times when none of my friends and/or guildmates are available, due to running FPs, full groups or an abundance of other reasons. When those times come, I solo queue because I enjoy PvP, the sheer amount of frustration when a Pug meets a Premade is palpable. All it takes is 1-2 of these horribly one sided and unbearable games to repel players from PvP and/or the game, permanently. It simply should never happen, the fact that this is an MMO doesn't justify that, the game has to be attractive, engaging and most of all, fun for the vast majority of it's players, if it's not guess what, the players quit and the game dies.

Premades Vs Pugs effectively repels the vast majority of the player base (Casual Pugs) because for whatever reason, be it lack of time, experience, social skills, being new to the game and or level bracket, that player chooses to solo queue. It's called a solo queue for a reason, what we need is a better system for grouped players, there is no doubt about the dysfunctional state of our Ranked PvP system, it is nothing short of a failure and joke, which only contributes to the problem of mismatched opponents. The PvP community really needs to cease arguing within themselves and push for: Cross Realm Function, Adequate Matchmaking, and Split queues. It benefits all parties and makes for a solid, competitive, attractive, and most importantly of all, fair system.