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I know some of the companion storylines intersect, or did prior to the start of the game. The General at the end of Black Talon mentions a bunch of weapons that the Empire and Republic are developing, including at least one from the JK story.
Sith War + Jedi Knight spoilers in 2nd paragraph!

Quote above is perfect example of small tiny referances I consider quite cool. It is healthy to get reminded sometimes how the characters actually exist in same Galaxy. It has been ages since I did Black Talon, something like this didn't make a blimp on my radar when I played through the 1st half of Jedi Knight story, thanks for pointing this out. There should be so much more stuff like this!

It would have been so terrifyingly cool if Wrath my Jedi Knight got stuck with would have been my former Sith War PC Ofc, such would have taken some moderately heavy rearranging of the storyline(s) but..not all that much. This makes a fine example of stuff I perhaps foolishly assumed TOR would be loaded with. This game could have used significant,big in-your-face intersections of your characters and their fates. I want to meet, speak with and (have option to) kill my former PCs Rerolling is TOR's strong forte. Everything encouraging player to do so is something TOR benefis from greatly. It is so strange class stories in no obvious way encourage you to do so.