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These are both great questions! First, every bug that we know about will not make it to the Known Issues, and there are a few reasons why we may not put something on the list right away, even when we know about it:

1. Exploits. Even when we know about them, we certainly want to keep players from abusing these bugs before we are able to fix them.

2. Bugs we are actively investigating but don't have a definitive "who, what, when, where, why" for. Often, these types of issues will end up in their own thread or post where we are gathering information. To answer your first question, this particular issue is one in this category. Yes, we know that schematics are disappearing for some players after they learn them. However, we are still trying to get more information about the topic, so acknowledging it here and asking for more information is the first step. When we know enough to confidently say what the issue actually is, then it will be added to the Known Issues list, because it effects gameplay.

3. Performance issues. Because we will always need to be collecting data from players about anything performance related, these types of issues will generally get their own thread in the Customer Support forums where we can get players to post logs, dxdiags, etc, to help the developers.

4. It doesn’t affect gameplay enough, and the list needs to be kept to a reasonable size. This is the reason that the second example you gave is not listed. Generally, this will include bugs with art (floating rock), typos, voice overs, sound effects, and other small things. However, there will always be exceptions to this, especially when the bug is related to combat.

Hopefully this helps you understand how we decide what goes on the Known Issues list, and we are happy that you look to it as a resource!

1. Exploits ... this bug is something that no one could exploit so ...?
2 Who, what, ... You had several of us posting information about this in several threads in several sub forums (crew skills, general, customer support). What more do you need?
3. The same as No.2
4.Doesn't affect gameplay enough ...? Are you kidding?

Like I mentioned, there were several threads with many players reporting this bug. I reported it on the 18 th of November. It took you 10 days to acknowledge this bug to be deemed your intention. 10 Days!!!
And for those 10 days you ignored every other section but "customer support".
Sorry to say it but you are just a sorry excuse of a Customer service. It's obvious you see cartel market bugs as priority. Quick money is all this company is interested in. And this CS is their flagship of incompetence.

I replaced biochem, bioanalysis and diplomacy with synthweaving, archeology and underworld trading. I lost every single blue and purple schematic in level range from 15 - 20. It happened 3 times (had to test it myself before I believed it was a bug and not my imagination), so I would say I lost around 5 blue and 3 purple schematics.

I wonder how long it will take you to fix this. It took you 10 days to acknowledge it .
Oh ... and english is not my primary language, but I thought that the word "known" means something that is known to exist. But this is obviously PR talk, which uses entirely another form of English. So, would you be so kind and teach us this new and exciting form of English. Maybe many of our frustrations with your work will vanish once we understand why you "appear" to be so .... incompetent.