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Naroth silently walked through the streets, his small human form barely visible in the shadows. He had his sniper in hand, and was keeping an ear out for incoming troops. His cloak had caught fire a minute or two ago, and he would likely wear the burns for life. He would not give up the mission though.He had been sent to take this city, however he had gotten lost soon after entry and was now just trying to survive the streets full of combat.

He was caught off guard though when a squad of Imperial troops rounded a corner, but he gained his wits quickly enough to roll behind some rubble and run into a nearby building. He watched as the Imperial troops passed by the building and he put down to memory the movements that the troops were using. He took a frag grenade off his belt and tossed it silently into the squad.

When it blew a large number of the men, fell. Naroth hastily ran out to the surviving troops, and quickly administered kolto packs. He knew they were the enemy, but he couldn't let them bleed painfully to death in a street. Then he gave them a heavy dose of sedatives, before slinking into the shadows once again. He needed to find another Republic squad to report.
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