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This reeks of a sense of entitlement.

There has to be a reason to raid. BiS gear has always been, and should be, that reason. I would actually prefer if it weren't craftable at all (though with how awfully slow ilvl 63 gear is metered out, the alternative would stink too), but barring that, it's entirely reasonable that one of the rewards of raiding is the ability to get BiS schematics.
I thought people raided "for fun" and "to hone their cooperation skills", and gear was supposed to be a means to an end, like in our time, no?

Regardless, the reverse is true as well. Many vocal raiders seem to be very hung-up on the exclusivity of the things that raiding provides, while in reality, their effort isn't really worth more than the effort of others - not with ToR raids. Say it with me. En-ti-tle-ment.

Let 'em get the best gear, I say. Let'em swim in it. But crafting is an entirely different matter. Should those schematics should be trainer-bought? Force forbid. Give us proper alternative progression paths. Crafting dailies, crafting orders, long RE chains, etc, etc.

The entirely reasonable reward of being a "hardcore" crafter is the credit base so doing provides. Credits make a lot of things happen in this game, and being in the top ~5% in terms of personal worth is a just reward in its own right.

And heck, open sales of 61/63 items are limited thanks to the buy-insert-extract-RE bug that BioWare refuses to address (and further deflates any sense of progression, either for crafters or for raiders). You have the ability now, if you are unscrupulous and rich, to learn any schematic that you want. Of course, anyone capable of enabling you to do that will catch on quick and shut you down, but that's their right.
True enough, I suppose. But SWToR dosn't have a sufficiently player-driven economy for this approach to access to be justified. It doesn't really compare to SWG, or Eve.

It's not really the problem of accessibility, but rather a problem of ideology. Economy should be a separate living, breathing layer of the game. Right now, it's merely a husk on life support with tubes labelled "RAIDS", "CARTEL MARKET" and "CRAFTING" sticking out of it.
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