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11.29.2012 , 12:08 AM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by LilTsar
dont want to see punishment for leaving, though a ban on groups larger than 2 in unranked and allowing ranked queuing for groups of four, at the very least, would be welcome, and i think would do more to reduce quitters in unranked than punishment.
Well here is the folly of that. You know how people complain about 8-man premades in normal warzones? Do you know how that is possible? Because 2 groups of 4 got put together into the same warzone. Some groups will even all quit until they get in together.

If you decide instead that normal warzones now only allow groups of 2, you will still have up to 8 players leaving every warzone that pops until they get in together. Your solution does NOTHING to alleviate the problem there, and goes so far as to make it harder for those friends who do want and like to play together.

See, the number you place on group size is entirely arbitrary. Which is probably why people want to eliminate premades altogether. Guess what? Even if you limit the group size to 1 (ONE!), you will STILL have people entering and leaving until they get in together.

This accomplishes nothing.