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11.29.2012 , 12:03 AM | #13
no way am i ever gonna stick it out when im pulled into a loser with a bunch of hopeless idiots (unless its loooong gone i always give these matches a chance, but 50/50 i leave shortly). i also often leave a match before it starts when i see that there's no healers, which for uncoordinated pugs in anything but huttball isn't something i generally want to see. again, not always, but if theres nobody i recognize and no healers in alderaan im gone.

and sometimes i just ragequit, plain and simple. i stick it out in blowouts against the big name premades every day, that's what i get for solo queuing, and as long as im enjoying myself ill never leave, but sometimes i just get too exasperated.

dont want to see punishment for leaving, though a ban on groups larger than 2 in unranked and allowing ranked queuing for groups of four, at the very least, would be welcome, and i think would do more to reduce quitters in unranked than punishment.
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