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11.28.2012 , 11:13 PM | #108
1. Is Malgus alive?
2. When will we get double-seat speeders?
3. When will we get more character customization options? (Longer hair, more body-types, more make-up...)
4. Will you remove companions from PvP on PvP servers?
5. Will you remove guards (one-shotting turrets) in enemy's bases on PvP servers?
6. Will there be more companion storylines?
7. Will there be more individual class story-lines (not the same story for every class like Ilum. I mean on single class story like we had during our leveling)
8. When are we getting companion health bars as raid frames?
9. Are you considering some changes in PvP such as: looking into resolve system, damage numbers of certain classes, mobility and survivability of others?
10. Will there ever be PvP matches for less than 8 people? Lets say: 4?
11. Are you considering increasing the number of quick-bars for F2P players? (I am a subscriber, but I am wondering)
12. When will you fix Security Key issue? (if you do not know what am I talking about try buying it or look on forums about the problem)
13. Will we ever be able to customize our ship?
14. Many people would like to know will we ever be able to buy apartments/offices to our guilds/characters?