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Except, ya know, Satele was never proven to be "much more powerful" than Revan. Also to note, Foundry was a lv37 Flashpoint. So players were generally between 36-40 when going in there. That, of course, doesn't really matter. And the idea that Nox or the Wrath could take him solo, is just bollocks as well. Especially when, as far as it is concerned, it took the both of them plus Cipher 9 and the Great Hunt Champion together to overcome Revan, and we still don't know if he really died or not.

And, btw, Satele never wants to "fight anyone". That's just how she is. Noted in the Black Talon. She wants to avoid fighting whenever possible. Could she take down Malgus now? Can't say. Her main strength wasn't melee combat. It was projection of the Force. And while Malgus is powerful in the Dark Side, his main strength is still melee.

Now, as for who'd win between Malgus and Malak? I would say Malgus. Malak was skilled and powerful, but the bulk of his power at the end came from the StarForge. Prior to being killed by Revan there, Malak does have several previous losses in combat. One was to Sith Lord Revan when Malak first disobeyed him and lost his jaw as a result. Prior to falling to the Dark Side, Malak/Alek had trained/sparred with Jarael and she always bested him. And she's not Force Sensitive in any major way. Doesn't even have precog.

While Malak may have been one of the greater fighters of his day, he's never really bested any major players one-on-one, with maybe the exception of Bastila.
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