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Ashara seems to believe she's there to help the Empire and Republic come to some kind of lasting peace arrangement, and generally make the former less of a bunch of jerks. Which... sort of works if your Inquisitor is light side, I guess. Not that I'd any idea where Ashara got the idea that's what my majority-light-sided assassin was trying to accomplish, but sure. As dark side? Not so much.
If Ashara had her way, there wouldn't so much be Republic and Empire making peace as the Republic surrendering and the Empire dominating the galaxy with an iron fist. It sort of channels Anakin Skywalker, with the whole wanting someone wise and powerful to make everyone else agree. The thing is, while she's very "Imperial" in terms of politics, she doesn't accept the current Empire's place in the moral compass, so she basically is looking to the Inquisitor to take charge and be the sort of benevolent dictator she wants. Of course, it still breaks down when Nox is out eating babies or doing whatever it is Dark V Sith do. But really, she's hardly unique in that regard.