Thread: [Treasure Hunting] Can't learn 3rd Crew Skill
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I talked a friend into trying SWTOR with me over Thanksgiving break. He purchased the Crew Skills option out of the Cartel Market. So that he can gain 3 crew skills and to unlock some of the preferred status account options. But he currently cant learn his 3rd crew skill. (His mission Skill Treasure Hunting). It keeps giving him an error stating he already has one when he doesnt. The 3rd crew skill is blank. I went so far to drive over to his house to make sure he was telling me right and wasn't doing something wrong. He tried to create an in game support ticket about it but the option is grayed out. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I am having the same problem, but slightly different. I purchased the Crew Skills option on one account and transferred the item to my ftp account, giving me 2 crew skills on my ftp account. I then went to preferred status on my ftp account and my crew skills remained at 2 instead of 3 crew skills. I tried calling customer service and they told me they had created a ticket for me, but I have yet to hear back from them.