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QUESTION: Any more quests/events like the Magenta Crystal and the +10 Datacrons on the horizon? These events really got guilds, and at times complete strangers, working together for a common goal.

QUESTION: Section X, the new dailies area, houses an awesome new world boss and a fun Heroic +4. The only issue most people have with it is that the terrain itself is absolutely too overplayed. This is the second daily area on Belsavis. What other planets may be used for expanded daily areas? What planet qualities are needed for a new daily area to be added there?

QUESTION: Since 1.4 went live. Endgame item modifications have been extremely popular as a crafted product. Naturally, obtaining the best gear no longer solely requires constantly clearing Hardmode TFB. In general, it is easier to get BEST IN SLOT gear since 1.4. Is this the intention of the team? Will future item modifications still have a 20% chance to learn the schematic? Will players still be able to reverse engineer products of other crafters?

QUESTION: Tauntaun mount? Other live mounts?

QUESTION: Classes that can go stealth have a potentially free battle resurrection, which makes content very easy for certain classes. When will the stealth battle revive be fixed?

QUESTION: The Molecular Stabilizer is naturally more common than the Synthetic Energy Matrix, a naturally rare crafting material. The crafting market created and maintains a much higher demand for molecular stabilizers because of the current situation of materials needed for high level item modifications. Is this intended? Are Synthetic Energy Matrix intended to not be a common crafting factor?

QUESTION: Are mini-games like Pazaak planned? Pazaak would be an great addition to the Cartel Market since player cards would be sold.

QUESTION: The most enjoyable questing situations revolve around the environment coming to life while players are in combat. Ally NPCs coming to your aid (or you coming to their aid) add a unique layer to combat not explored by this game very much. At times we see boss figures utilize their environment to perform their abilities (I would like to site specific examples but they spoil the main quest line of classes). Such elements are only heavily present in the leveling process but not so much in end-game PvE. As we say with Explosive Conflict, the potential of adding a NPC dynamic to actual combat was absolutely ignored even though it was very possible due to the nature of the operation story. Will we see a more dynamic involvement by NPCs in end-game content?

ANSWER: Yes, my favorite Office character is Dwight.
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