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You've actually proved that he didn't take the time to do his research. Based on that alone, I'd declare the novel N-canon. You don't take a character that you didn't create and kill them off. It's not something you do as an author. Now if he was cleared to do so, then that might be different.

Anyway, I agree with you
LOL, Aurbere, reading this thread i realised that you are the biggest Revan hater of this forum and also a big hypocrite!!
Following your line of thought, Luke should be the weakest jedi ever. Since the movies are the most canon something can get, and in the movies he's just a kid with a lightsaber that only feat is beat his weak, old, robotic and forgiving father.
Like you, I'll consider anything regarded family skywalker besides the movies as N-canon (which should be since it don't even make sense if we compare the power lvl of movie chars and they in EU and all other SW characters) and so luke would be beated like a little girl by any EU character. lol
Like all threads in this forum, the subject changes to Revan. He IS one of the most powerfull force users of his and all times. Aside from the movies characters, there's a few that would be better than him, like the sith emperor (only in force power) and a lot of others that's as powerfull as he is.
That being said, Revan would beat Malgus easily. Malgus COULD be better in a lightsaber combat (although we don't know exactly how's Revan lightsaber fight, just that it is very good from KOTOR) but there's no way he have more force powers or wisdom to win a fight with Revan.

Back to the topic, i think it would be a though fight between Malgus and Malak, but i think Malgus advantage in lightsaber combat would make him victorious, since i think both have the same force power.