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I ran Telekinetic one night for fun/testing purposes and easily got 1500+ (this is pretty bad for me since I can easily do 1700+ consistently on balance). It could have been higher, but I was messing up the rotation a bit since I was rusty. I also am itemized very poorly for telekinetic -- since I am min/maxed for balance only.

In any case, your crit is too high, your surge too low, your alacrity too high. I'd guess with that itemization your power is too low as well since the surge only needs a modest bump to get it to 75. Lower your unbuffed crit to 35, lower your activation speed to 9%, surge to around 75% and the rest goes to power. Never use lettered mods. For relics, I'd go with DG power Relic and a WH power Relic.

That will at least help a bit, but I think there are a few guides around that can help you a bit more than I can. I haven't done a lick of theorycrafting off telekinetic since it doesn't provide me the mobility I need during PVE.

As for rotation - it is mostly reactionary. You start off with a mind crush and weaken mind and move into disturbances and then just casting things as they pop up on your buffs. Again, check a guide and this is only off the top of my head, priority is casting tele wave when tidal force procs, tele throw whenever psychic projection procs, turbulence when weaken mind is up, keeping dots up whenever they fall off, disturbance.

Obviously, when you are maximizing DPS on a dummy you should blow all your cooldowns right away - so that would be the mental alacrity, power relic, adrenal. I'd prob do that after starting off with the dots since mental alacrity will be great for your first turbulence cast.

So again -- start with:
MC --> WM --> alacrity, relic, adrenal --> Turbulence --> TT (if psychic proj is up) / Turbulence until something procs --> etc.

Again ... not a telekinetic theory crafter so this is what I'd assume is best without doing much research. Hope that helps a little.

Edit/Note: I assumed this was for PVE, FYI.
Thanks for your tips but just to clarify the 40% crit chance includes the 5% for the smuggler buff. I do need to increase surge rating. As for the lettered mods, I'll have to check that.

For the rotation, I have been following the guide stickied at the top of this forum, so unless I'm doing terribly wrong, I'm not sure why I can get higher than 1000 DPS.
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