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11.28.2012 , 08:06 PM | #103
I have a list of several questions that I would like to see answered. These can be abbreviated if need be.

First: Will the ability to purchase additional character slots be added to the Cartel Market soon? Players have been asking for this for quite a while now, and it is very frustrating to have ideas for characters and not being able to make them, subscriber status or not.

Second: Will the fabled hood raise/lower tech ever be completed? It may not be a very important issue for you at BioWare, but it is a very big one for us players. Not being able to toggle the state of hoods can be a very jarring, enjoyment ruining thing, despite how small an issue it may seem.

Third: Will the new species, Cathar, be added to the Cartel Market soon? The players who have been looking forward to the addition of this species have been eagerly or impatiently waiting for this species to be added, which was promised to be added when the Free to Play Option was implemented.

Fourth: When will additional "special effect weapons" such as the Hyperstorm Heavy Cannon and the Black Nebula Blaster be added to the Cartel Market? I am especially interested to know if any one-handed weapons of this nature (lightsabers and pistols) will be usable in the off-hand as well as the main-hand.

Fifth: Why are there so many Custom quality single-bladed lightsabers and blaster pistols that can only be used in the main-hand? I can understand limiting the weapons with fixed stats such as campaign gear, so that other classes than intended cannot use them, but it is pointless to limit the use of one-handed Custom quality weapons. Players tend to be more interested in the looks of these weapons, removing the stats so that they can input the correct ones for their class. Limiting these weapons like this mainly serves to aggravate players who wish to obtain a certain look for their characters.