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So for anyone who has or had read the comic, was Naga Sadow's battle meditation broken because his apprentice betrayed him like the Galactic History vids suggest? Was that the major difference maker between victory and defeat for the Sith? I first learned bout the Great Hyperspace War by reading the Essential Chronology and I don't remember reading specifically about something like that but I noticed that sometimes there are details that are skipped over those types of books but also in the history vids too. How much detail about the events of the war did the Tales of the Jedi issues go into exactly?
As I understand it, Naga Sadow's meditation sphere was attacked by Gav Daragon. This broke his Battle Meditation and allowed the Jedi to gain victory on Coruscant.

Granted I should have included that in the historical account, but it hadn't occured to me at the time. I was recounting the war from the viewpoint of Master Odan-Urr and the Republic during that point. I started off discussing the Sith point of view, but made the transition to the Republic as the tide turned.
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