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I would also like to know if SGRA's are still be worked on and feel I should add that many of us don't believe that confirming the existence of this content on the release schedule is a "spoiler".

If anyone at Bioware would care to read The Thread, we have discussed, at length, what is felt to be important information without delving into the realm of spoilers.

That is:
SGRA's: still coming to SWTOR?
Will SGRA's be available to all classes?
Will SGRA's be available to both genders? (i.e. lesbian and gay possibilities)
Will SGRA's be available retroactively past the Legacy completion point (i.e. the last conversation with a companion)?
Will SGRA's be available with current companions?

Also, you've gone against Mr. Erickson's comment that story content would be updated this year (2012) - this being important because he also stated that SGRA's would be bundled with a general story content update (they are story content, after all) - but have not actually commented on this action, why? When can we expect a story content update? When can we expect SGRA's? Is it 2013? Later? If so, why have Bioware decided to ignore a part of their fanbase and act against their own previous inclusive ideology?
I would also like to see these questions answered.
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