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"Now I am the Dark Lord of the Sith."- Naga Sadow, Dark Lord of the Sith

We continue our look at the long war between the Jedi and the Sith with the Great Hyperspace War. The war lead by Naga Sadow is recounted by Jedi Historian Odan-Urr in the following recording...

Though I am both a Jedi and a historian, I confess a strange discomfort in relaying events in which I participated. It is only at the persistent urging of my students that I feel compelled to record the events of the Great Hyperspace War.

Younger Jedi, you may find this difficult to believe, but the great leaps across space that are now commonplace were not only less frequent, but far more dangerous during my own youth. It was a time when hyperspace routes were still being navigated, and many of the Core Worlds had yet to be unified. I was on a mission to the Koros system, which you now know as the Teta system, when I came to the aid of two hyperspace explorers, Gav and Jori Daragon. They were being threatened by assassins when my Master Memit Nadill and I interceded.

Days later, I was visited by a dark nightmare, a premonition that the banished Jedi of ancient times had become the Lords of the Sith Empire, and that they would soon return to Republic space. So strong was the vision that I knew it was delivered by the Force, and that I could not ignore. My Master was an advisor to Empress Teta, and I told them both of my nightmare. They listened and they believed.

Shortly after my premonition, Gav and Jori Daragon inadvertently arrived in Sith space and landed on the Sith tombworld of Korriban. Their arrival coincided with the funeral of the Dark Lord of the Sith Marka Ragnos, whose passing caused a feud between two rival Sith Lords: Naga Sadow, who claimed a long Sith bloodline and aspired to broaden the realm of his power, and Ludo Kressh, who was content with the holdings already controlled by the Sith Order.

The Daragons were captured, but Naga Sadow allowed Jori to escape in her starship. Why? Because he knew that she would return to Republic space, and that the tracking device he'd planted on her ship would lead them back to his ancestors greatest enemy, the Jedi. How do I know these details? Patience, and I will tell.

Empress Teta informed the Republic Senate of my vision, but many Senators refused to heed her caution. Fortunately, the empress had unified the seven worlds of the Koros system, and the armies under her command were loyal as they were ready to fight. Our forces were soon scattered. Empress Teta readied her troops on Koros Major while Memit Nadill joined other Jedi Knights on Coruscant. I went to Kirrek, where I'd previously fought in the Unification Wars, to serve alongside the great Jedi Master Ooroo and await the Sith.

And then the Sith came. Wave after wave of spear-wielding Sith poured out from their massive invasion fleet, some riding enormous monsters. Despite my premonition, I was surprised by the sheer viciousness of their attack. Our allies quickly dismissed the possibility of our victory, but continued to fight with great courage despite the apparent odds against us.

After much blood had been spilled, we realized that our enemy had been using illusions conjured by Naga Sadow to make themselves appear innumerable, which they were not. The battle turned in our favor, and the Sith retreated whence they came. However, they were mistaken in thinking they were safe. Using coordinates provided by Jori Daragon, Empress Teta's armada chased the weakened enemy back to their own shattered empire. Not surprisingly, Naga Sadow refused to surrender. Teta herself witnessed the destruction of Naga Sadow's flagship.

Master Ooroo and Gav Daragon were amongst the many casualties of the battle. Moments before he died, Ooroo told me I would become one of the most ancient Jedi ever, and that I would ultimately die among my precious books and scrolls. I am proof that his prophecy was true. Even a century before this recording, I knew of no Jedi older than I, and my eyes are still not tired of reading.

Regarding the Great Hyperspace War, the knowledge that I did not gain by experience was gleaned from three sources: the explorer Jori Daragon, who granted me several interviews, the Jedi Anavus Svag, who served in the fleet that pursued Naga Sadow back to Sith space; and a Sith Holocron that I recovered from an abandoned starship on Koros Major. Locked within the recesses of this Sith Holocron- the only Sith Holocron as far as anybody knows- are the forgotten histories and lore of the Sith, dating back a hundred thousand years and more. Both Jori Daragon and Anavus Svag are long gone, and the Holocron- because of the dangerous knowledge it contains- remains off-limits to all but a few Jedi Masters.

Now, there is one piece of information from the Sith Holocron that I will share. According to the Holocron, Naga Sadow escaped Empress Teta's assault and vanished with his followers. It is most puzzling how this information came to be on a Sith Holocron that had been abandoned on Koros Major before Naga Sadow's retreat to Sith space, but then I do not pretend to fully understand the workings of this possibly corrupt device. It is very possible that this Holocron contains an interstellar transmission receiver, the likes of which we cannot detect.

Ludo Kressh was never heard of again. If Naga Sadow survived, is it possible any Sith still exist? We know not, and we can only imagine.

But if you are visited by nightmarish visions, me on not dismiss them.

Jedi Master Odan-Urr was slain by Exar Kun while surrounded by his books in the library he founded on Ossus. He was over one thousand years old when he died, the oldest Jedi on record.

Before the Great Hyperspace War, Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh dueled each other over control of the Sith Empire after the death of Marka Ragnos. The battle proved inconclusive when the Daragon explorers landed on Korriban. The explorers were taken to Ziost for interrogation, where Ludo Kressh demanded their execution while Sadow plotted Jori Daragon's escape. The two Sith Lords battled each other for control of the Sith once again until Kressh's flagship was destroyed.

Sadow believed Kressh was dead, but he was not. Ludo Kressh faked his death, while Sadow returned Jori to Republic space. Naga Sadow planted the idea within Jori's head that he was rescued by Republic allies. This gave Sadow time to prepare his invasion force.

While Naga Sadow moved his armada into Republic space, he took his eye-shaped meditation sphere near a red star. Sadow did not personally take part in his invasion, instead he elected to aid his forces from the safety of his meditation sphere. Using Battle Meditation, Naga Sadow empowered his troops and used mass illusions to demoralize Republic troops. His forces swept into the Core Worlds and invaded Coruscant. When the Jedi Order finally saw through Sadow's illusion, the Sith forces were beaten back.

The Sith retreated back to Sith space, chased by forces from the Koros system. Empress Teta and the Republic arrived in Sith space to find Naga Sadow's broken fleet engaged with the remains of the still-living Ludo Kressh's followers. Before Naga Sadow's flagship was destroyed, he commanded one of his ships to plow into Kressh's flagship, killing him. Shortly afterword, Naga Sadow's flagship was destroyed. Seemingly killing the Dark Lord.

But Naga Sadow did survive. He took his Massassi Warriors to the fourth moon of Yavin and used Sith Sorcery to seal his spirit on the planet. His Dark energies corrupted the Massassi and reduced them to barbarians. Another Sith survived the Great Hyperspace War and fled into the Unknown Regions and founded a new Sith Empire. This Empire would be discovered by the Jedi Knights Revan and Malak before the Jedi Civil War.

This concludes our look at the Great Hyperspace War. The next war, while not really a war, is the battle between Freedon Nadd and Arca Jeth on Onderon.

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