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About cyclone slash...

In all seriousness tho, i would like to point out that a Shadow/Sin's AoE (Lacerate) is just as weak as Cyclone slash, it is just 360 instead of a cone, but can only hit 4 people and if you mention the new overload I'll pull you into my bucket of yogurt and drown you with me .
Fair enough

But as Vigilance, the free Force Sweep is a nice filler attack and very useful to prevent capping. Also, Balance Shadows have access to Force in Balance while Kinetic Combat's Force Breach is an AoE. So I'd say Shadows are a bit better off - if we don't count Sweep. So I still feel that simply reducing Sweep to a single target attack isn't really a good option. Something like the more Singularity stacks you have, the less people you hit might work.

Or just roll it back to 1.3, really. There was nothing wrong with it, except the "wind-up" of Sweep.