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11.28.2012 , 06:54 PM | #54
Personally, i think this would be a good fight (Malak would do better than Lord Adrass thats for sure), judging power id say Malak surpassed Revan as a Sith but was weaker than him as a jedi in regards to Malak. Malgus id give him an edge over some DC members simply due to his accomplishments alone. Id have to give the nod to Malgus simply cause while both fight like brutes trying to overpower there opponents Malgus has shown superior skills in that category in terms of entering a Rage with the dark side to supress pain and also being able to achieve Oneness with the Dark Side. As for Revan vs Malgus that would depend. Revan as a sith would definitely lose to Malgus, Revan as a jedi would probably lose to Malgus (60%Mal, 40%Revan) but i wouldnt count him out by any means i think it would be a good fight), Revan Reborn would beat Malgus in my opinion and heres why. Malgus wasnt on the dark council (albeit he could prob beat at least 4-6 of em but overall theyre the strongest sith in the empire apart from the emperor) Revan at FP easily beat Darth Nyriss (a DC member who had just whupped the Exile and Scourge easily) and claimed she was nothing. Also the emperor had killed about 9DC members at once with his power easily. When Revan took him on he was able to hold his own for a time, the emperor actually feared for his life for the 1st time (a much better fight than the DC for sure. Even Malgus waited for the emperor's apparent death to betray the empire)