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I will keep my advice short and simple...

Stack power

People read too much into crit. The bonus healing is what matters and if the "**** hits the fan" then pop recklesness, your adrenal and relics to survive the phase. Then from here on in, in nearly 90% of the time your higher bonus healing will make life simple for the tanks and anyone else caught in your puddle.

People probably wont agree with me though and tell you to stack willpower... I just disagree and my LInear Solver spreadsheet tells me that this is the best way to maximise heals per second. You wont overheal as long as you know what you are doing and start your heals at the right time.
Exactly what i did, stack Power.
Have had fights where i reach more then 2k effective healing. and stil 40% crit.
My selfheal reaching 8500 and normal larger heals critting 8k.
Innervate doing (around ) 2350 (crit) a tick.

resurgence gives the crit i need on a small heal, resurgence makes your innervate crit.
I've been getting the BH striker boots all the time untill i was fully power in all slots.
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