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My gf applied to OTG, but got hung up when she was asked to get on Mumble. Is voice-chat a requirement for joining? It's not something we typically do because it makes it harder for me to interact with her while we game. After 11 years, it's just one of the many ground rules we've had to work out for game time. No Raiding - No Vent - No Skipping Showers.

Voice chat is how we work with so many members. We help get our new members set up in the guild and in our private guild chat channel (it's a private channel that links our multiple guilds). It is also how we get to know each other better, but it is not required that someone has to stay in Mumble. We have many members that only get in Mumble for meetings, raids, events, pvp, etc. after getting in the guild.

Have her send me a PM on the OTG forums. My OTG forum name is Kaeli.
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