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11.28.2012 , 06:47 PM | #17
why we have not talked about smash/sweep earlier so often?

1. There was no decrease for Smash/sweep cooldown.
what was the point BW? 12 seconds cooldown for AoE attack with 100% critical chance it's long? now ppl can use it every 9-10 sec.

2. There was 60 sec cooldown for Combat Focus + singularity charges didn't reduced the focus/rage cost of sweep/smash.
now it have 40 sec cd. you had problems with regeneration of focus/rage ? focus/rage cost of sweep/smash was too high ?
which class have the same cooldown for similar ability?

it is terrible to see that the majority ( i think almost 80% on my server) of sent/maras and juggs/guardians now using focus/rage spec. it's easy and OP. what else people needs for fun ?

P.S. new warzone will be somekind of team deathmatch + capture-the-flag (devs says about it). so, if there will be no changes with focus/rage spec we'll get annoying smash fest.

P.S.S. Lets increase the range of smash/sweep from 5m to 10m, but make it like Force Wave/Overload which consular/ inqusitor have, i mean cone range ability.