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I still see some problem with this. After all a sniper while being able to do that must stay still to nuke you down, If this change to rocket punch was implemented there would 0 chances for a meele class to ever kill a commando. I charge and you knock me back, root and start running away while insta casting. Now i have to get back to you with the leap in cooldown and after having eat 3 nukes straight in the face. Even if for some reason i make it there alive you still have the knockback and a stun, and obviously you can do that again, after all it has only 9 sec cd.

Sorry as much as i agree that the commando need something, this would make them the new FOTM.
1. if youre using charge to initiate combat, youre doing it wrong.
2. the knockback on Rocket Punch is ~10m. damage breaks the root after 2s. and the knockback + root is only available to 1 spec.
3. melee classes dont have slows/root/stuns of their own?

merc would no longer be a free kill if what i proposed happens. apparently that idea is unpopular with a lot of people
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