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I always enjoy kitru's explanations even if I don't always agree.
In this case I agree with Kitru. There has to be a golden carrot to get people to use the group finder. So they rework the rewards for OPS and FP- no big deal. To get the overgeared people to run the daily HM there has to be a decent reward for them to even think of que'ing. The gear in this game used to be "haves" versus the "have nots"- then the Dev's introduced group finder and made it very generous. Before group finder you had to be on a guilds hardcore raiding team to get gear. Do the daily HM FP and get 5black hole coms. Many people bought their way into almost BiS gear with out ever having to raid. They had the gear but no ability as a raider.
The hard core raiders decided that fleshing out a optimized BiS gear with daily BH coms was a good idea. So the speed runs through FP took root.
Thats what has happened. But lets look at the future? In 1.6 the entitlement program is in full swing. Tionese become a free 50 pve set. Pvp already has MK-2 recruit , but they will take away the grind to war hero. What that means is people might stop doing HM's all together. A fresh level 50 who spent a little time pvping will have a war hero main hand and mix of MK-2 and Tionese gear . More than ready to do SM ops and get rakata. I realize only 2 of the SM ops drop rakata - but they are set for columi geared players. MK-2 recruit is rated at 132. So no more skipping bosses, because no one will run HM FP's.
The Dev's don't see a issue with people skippig bosses for rewards that are obsolite, so why should we?
The Dev's can't make make any better rewards program than they have already instituted. The players who have played since beta, there are still some of us here. We only did the HM's for the BH coms. We might have taken the odd piece of gear from the run to gift a alt or a comp. But the main drive was for the coms.
I beleive I made my arguement on how to fix skipping bosses in HM's FP, in 3-5 weeks no one will be running them due to the new changes in free gear for 1.6