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11.28.2012 , 06:20 PM | #1
Personally I love the playstyle and the utility that AP brings to the table, BUT here's the problem we don't have as much burst as Pyrotechs do. Now I've been thinking about this and I was trying to figure out a way to make AP as good as or at least competitive with Pyro's in terms of a 1v1 situation. This is the build I've currently come up with:
There's only two real major concerns I've been thought about;
1) Heat management. Seeing as we would have to be using CGC in order to get the railshot procs I'm not sure where that would put us in terms of heat especially with using other abilities in the AP tree such as Retractable Blade and FT. Especially since we weren't able to pick up the reduced CD on Vent Heat, at least not with this build.
2) Whether or not the burst damage would be on par or close to par with a Pyro since the spec lacks Immolate and Thermal Detonator as well as Firebug (Increased crit damage to CGC/Railshot/IM/TD 15/30%), Rain of Fire (Rapid Shots/Rail shot/Rocket Punch/Unload/Flame Sweep extra damage 3/6/9% to burning targets), and Burnout (Increased tech crit chance 1/2/3% and periodic elemental damage 10/20/30% to targets under 30% health)

So what are your guys' thoughts and concerns with this build? I would like to be able to try this as soon as possible but unfortunately my PT isn't 50 and I refuse to play my VG since I can't stand Prophecy of the Five anymore.