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If you have more than half of the WH pieces right now, might as well complete them

Otherwise, it would be better to wait for the next patch

Once 1.6 goes live the debate would be this:

Should you trade back all your rated wz comms to regular once 1.6 comes to get as much WH pieces or save them up for buying EWH since the difference is smaller

going for early augmented WH set vs slower augmented EWH... I'd personally go for early augmented WH but it won't be as cost-efficient as saving the ranked comms for EWH. not sure yet
On that last point: In 1.6, there is no reason to wait to augment any more if you have the cash because WH armoring mods carry the set bonus. Transfer your mods to your favorite orange gear and add your augments. Then when you grind the same EWH piece, transfer the mods again. Or you could augment the WH shell and transfer the EWH into that shell if you like the look of the WH shell. That's a welcome change from the BM days where the set bonus was tied to the shell and you could not augment until you had the WH piece unless you liked the look of the BM gear. Thanks, Devs!
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