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11.28.2012 , 05:59 PM | #16
Ive got a 50 sage healer and a 49 kinetic hybrid pvper.

Both have there strong points.
Once you get a bit of gear and you gear your dps companion up to columni gear(whatever her name is) you can steamroll any quest with ease. Even 4+ heroic quest in Black Hole area is easily solable, you have a lot of survivability.
I find pvp pretty horrible with the sage at that bracket, but I'm still jaded from the nerfs we got a couple of months back.

Admittedly my lvl 49 shadow kinetic-hybrid build is twinked to the max (18k hp in wzs at lvl 49 is *** hax) but I have a lot of fun with her. Can do good to very good dps in aoe or single target, great survivability, and if it gets too much for me I can vanish and bugger off. I initially started her as a infiltration build which was fun as well, but very squishy. Kenetic-hybrid build is so much more fun cause you can stay alive a lot longer.