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So you quit because you didn't like the action of others? Don't blame it on others, you have only yourself to blame for having such thin skin. Perhaps staying with a single player game might work out better for you?
wait, wait, wait. So let us get something straight. You are actually asking for a quit button based on the actions of others. Yet you throw this, you have only yourself to blame out there.... You sir, have no one to blame but yourself. And maybe you should stick to the single player content in the game instead of subjecting us to your bad play and playstyle.

You want a better group, it is up to you. Take the time, it really only takes seconds to type something out. "Can we skip the skippable mobs?", "Can we spacebar through the conversations?", etc... Or simple suggestions, "Can we let the tank pull?", "Tank, can you get in your tank form?", "Can you 'guard' the healer?" etc...

Let's get something straight, with f2p, there is and will be a lot of new players, it is up to the players to help them along because it will make a better game and a better community that will help people stick around longer, make this game more money. Which hopefully translates into an even better game.

Seriously, if we want this game to succeed. It's the players that need to step up and make it so players want to stick around. If the majority of players are of the attitude on the OP, then this game is doomed. For which, at this point, I'm glad to say we have more people now that DO NOT have his attitude and are willing to help and build a community in a game.