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I'm a bit biased because I love Shadows but that's what I would suggest. Shadow's offer:

1. Awesome DPS if you go the DPS route. You burn down enemies much faster than most tanks would and with a Tank companion or a healer you will always control the battlefield. My first Shadow was a tank and I stuck with the Kinetic Combat tree the whole way up to 50. I only changed it once to DPS for PVP and switched back to Tank because that suited me better. I rolled my 2nd Shadow 7 months later and went the DPS route. Wouldn't change anything about my approach for either.

2. Avoid mobs by stealthing. I love that the Shadow can stealth before battle, CC someone and then wipe out the rest of the mob with no problems. Or just CC one and completely bypass the rest of them. I did this a lot with both toons.

My second choice would be a Smuggler.
So far I have 2 level 50 Shadows, 1 level 50 Jedi Knight (vig spec), 1 level 50 Sith Marauder, a Level 40 smuggler (gunslinger), a level 35 Commando, a level 25 Sniper, a level 20 Smuggler (scoundrel) and as far as ranged characters go my Gunslinger is my favorite and my 2nd favorite class.

1. Ranged class with a screen/cover that prevents bosses from pulling you if specced right or from jumping to you effectively keeping them ranged unless they are melee.
2. An awesome knockback that roots mobs in place for a few seconds and a offensive shot that roots them in place.
3. If you go Scoundrel you get stealth. If you go gunslinger you get 2 FTW blasters lol
Also, the smuggler storyline has been pretty awesome so far I can put out huge dps in WZ's!
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