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Quote: Originally Posted by yauhen_pt View Post
Assassin / Shadow
-Discharge / Force Breach 5k Capable (w/5 stacks and using Recklessness / Force Potency)
-Shock / Project 5k Capable (when Chain Shock / Upheaval proc)
-Deathfield / Force in Balance 5k Capable
-Assassinate / Spinning Strike 5k Capable

this can happen once per day, or may b once per week, so can be omitted from the list.

its lie, assassin can not crit deathfield on full wh for 5k (even on full wh dps).
i'll keep discharge since it's capable, even if only once a week/day.

As for deathfield. I have a guildie that hits that with power stacked hazmat/WH gear on his sorc.

Anyone hit 5k with that on their sin/shadow?
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