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Do Sorcs / sages know they can cleanse force crush, and thus eliminate 1 of warriors way to get singularity?

Anywho, my contribution will only account for my fully war hero characters-

Ambush- 5k def, same with Quickdraw (our finisher)

Speed shot- If every hit crits and we are not LoS'd (but it's like ravage, no single tick can hit that high)

Dispatch / vicious throw with max gear + veng "auto" crit

Meh on last tick of ravage, my highest is 4.5k on my WH guardian. Not BiS though.

Also I've had immolate crit for 4k+, never 5k, but my Vanguard is only in battlemaster with WH weapon.
i've hit just above 5k a handful of times with immolate. But that's with some serious power stacking. probably the rarest 5k hit on all of my toons
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