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I was looking at the market the other day and I saw some things that made me laugh. Then I wondered if people just don't know any better. Free to play members only have a maximum allowance of 200,000 credits from what I read, and prefered status members aren't much better off at 350,000 credits. The people who have access to higher money pools are subscribers, and they already have access to everything. Hopefully people who are pricing things in the GTN are now informed.

I have seen Section-X access on the GTN for 450,000 credits and over. I have also seen a weekly PvP pass going for 1,000,000 credits.

Thanks for your time.
There's a market. (1) People enticing former PVP buds to play warzones again for a week so that they rethink panda madness and re-sub; (2) people sitting on a 100 million credits who PLAN to go FTP, but have not yet. That said, I dunno how large either of those markets are.
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