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11.28.2012 , 04:40 PM | #10
Hello AMulls,

thank you for your post. As I already said I appreciate different opinions and after what I've read in this thread so far I've come down to the following two classes I'll choose from.

One would be:
Jedi Shadow
Simply put I like the idea of Light sabers + stealth (if im lazy) + tank / dps
I also would like to continue the Story of my Jedi Sage and this seems like a good opportunity

The other option:
Trooper Commando
I like the sound of a heavy armored healer/dps with a big gun in his hand. I've played healers in other MMOs before and its always a different challenge, which is a plus aswell.

That pretty mutch sums it up and I guess it's up to me now to find out which one fits more to my liking... however there is one thing I really really really need to know because it can actually rule out the Jedi Shadow right from the start:

Can I effectively replace my Healing Companion with any other companion (except for gold / boss fights) without sacrificing my "Smooth questing"? Because this guy really gets on my nerves! I can't stand him hes worse than a scared chicken. Why would you join a Jedi if you're scared of fighting? I've never seen someone talk a Sith to death!

Thank you all for your help and hopefully someone will answer my last question
Best regards,