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11.28.2012 , 04:35 PM | #53
Darth Malgus hands down wins this fight , hes kinda like Revan and Malek put into one character .
Malgus is a skilled Combatant , who will aggressively attackyou and eventually disarm you and proceed to kill you before you even knew what happened .

Malgus would kill his own mother without a single thought to do otherwise , as he did his injured Master and his wife who he himself credited his only weakness .

Darth Revan was playing with Malek when he took his jaw , Malgus would not play at all with Malek .
To me Malgus looks like Malek taken to the extremes .

I do not even see how this is even a matchup , Malek was a pawn who barely had time as leader of his Empire he took by luck from Revan .

I like Malek , I thought his scenes where worth watching but Malgus is a beast .
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