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Hey everyone, with the recent influx of new & returning players and the addition of section X to the collection of daily hubs, I have decided to write a guide for dailies and endgame gearing in Patch 1.5 with some info from Patch 1.6 that players should be aware. This is to replace my super outdated dailies and endgame gearing guide I wrote for patch 1.2 back in April.

Here is a link to the full guide with all the images/tables shown, but I will also copy/paste the important info below.

  • Table of all the dailies available in 1.5, note that subtotals for each section only incudes the dailies, not the weekly since it is repeatable only once a week
  • If you do all the dailies, including space missions and flashpoints, you can expect to get 564-571 Daily Commendations and ~ 2.3 million credits per week!

Items you can purchase with dailies
  • Dread Guard Relics (these are currently pretty much BiS – Best in Slot) – 300 Daily Comms
  • Space ship upgrades in Patch 1.6 – beat those new space missions with new Grade 7 upgrades – 150 Daily comms
  • Campaign Relics (no longer BiS but decent if you don’t want spend 100 extra comms) – 200 Daily Comms
  • Rakata Ears/Implants (still good for gearing up new 50s) – 120 Daily Comms
  • Artifice Blue/Green/Red color crystal schematics – 20 Daily Comms
  • Biochem Exotech adrenal schematics – 30 Daily Comms
  • Cybertech Droid Schematics – 55-110 Daily Comms
  • Cybertech Spaceship component schematic – 200 Daily Comms
  • 110% Speeders (two types) – 200 Daily Comms
  • Q23 armoring/hilt (no longer needed with Patch 1.6) – 8 daily Comms

  • Black Hole Weekly: 16k credits + 6 Black Hole Commendations
  • Section X Weekly: 16k credits + 6 Black Hole Commendations + 10 Daily Commendations.
  • Rakghoul Weekly : 16k credits + 8 Black Hole Commendations (picked up from terminal at Supplies section of fleet)
  • Galactic Conflicts: 16k credits + 18 Columi Commendations + 20 Tionese Commendations + 15 Daily Commendations
  • Deadly Operations: 16k credits + 10 Black Hole Comms + 10 Daily Comms (Kill 2nd boss of Hardmode Eternity Vault or Karagga’s Palace)
  • Galactic Operations: 16k credits + 15 Black Hole Comms + 10 Daily Comms (kill 2nd boss of Explosive Conflict in any difficulty)
  • Galactic Crisis Points: 16k credits + 20 Black Hole Comms + 10 Daily Comms (kill 2nd boss of Terror from Beyond in any difficulty)
  • [WEEKLY] Nightmare Pilgrim – 4 Black Hole Comms

Black Hole Commendations
  • Group Finder HM Flashpoint – 5 Black Hole Comms/day | 35 Black Hole Comms / week
  • Group Finder EV/KP – 10 Black Hole Comms / week
  • Weeklies – 12 + 8+10+15+20+4 = 69 Black Hole Comms / week
  • Hardmode/Nightmare Explosive Conflict + Hardmode Terror from Beyond = 20 from EC + 25 from TFB / week
  • 35 + 10 + 69 + 45 = 159 Black Hole Comms / week.

Items you can purchase with Black Hole Commendations
  • Hazmat Implants – 350 Black Hole Comms (currently BiS)
  • Black Hole Gear - 35-75 Black Hole Comms
  • Campaign Armorings – 36 – 44 Black Hole Comms (Campaign armoring are used to adjust the stats of your Black Hole Gear and also give you set bonus).

Gearing for Operations
  • Tionese -> Columi -> Rakata -> Campaign -> Dread Guard
  • Included in the guide are the loot tables for every piece of gear from Columi to Dread Guard.

War Hero Relics
  • Dread Guard Relics are mostly BiS now but alot of players still like the passive boost from War Hero Relics. They provide +113 Power/Shield/Defense and costs 1250 Ranked and 200 regular Warzone Commmendations
  • Keep in mind that in 1.6, War Hero relics will cost only 550 regular Warzone Commendations and Elite War Hero relics (+120 stat) will be replacing it costing 1250 ranked and 550 regular.

Stuff coming up in 1.6
  • New and existing 50s will be given a set of Tionese Commmendations in the mail through one of the new missions aimed at new 50s. This is almost enough to purchase a full set of Tionese gear.
  • Tionese crystals can now be used to purchase Ancient Artifact Storage Box (Purple L50 Box). While this box doesn’t yield any useful gear for most players, it provides a way to get rid of all those Tionese crystals you got from the flashpoints.
  • Six new “hardmode” space missions, reach have a weekly repeatable that rewards 2 Black Hole Comms, 5 Daily Comms, and 40 Fleet Comms per mission.

Enjoy and let me know if you find any mistakes!