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If you are currently addicted to Pwn, and you want to be in the company of others who can't get enough Pwn, and you think about Pwn all day at work, maybe your wife or husband catches you while you're involved in Pwnography, who knows. We are looking for some elitist A-holes to join our crew of Pwn Stars! We prefer non-clicking, non-backpedaling, non-keyturning massive Pwners who are able to not only put up crazy numbers on that scoreboard, but are also aware of what it takes to beat the best and become the best. We're a relatively new guild, but we've beaten nearly every guild on the server at least once in RWZ's , and have some amazing players. You don't need to be fully geared, we'll invite anyone with the skills, but it might lower your chances of being invited to the Rated A team Feel free to let anyone in Pwn Stars know if you want in, or just talk to me, Game'of'pwns. And remember, Pizza's a lie.
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