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For anyone out there (Republic and Empire alike) the Axiom is looking for anyone interested in TOR forum roleplaying. The Axiom is a tight knit community that encourages character development and interaction. Experienced forum RPers preferred. But if you are unfamiliar with forum RP and how it works, don't be discouraged. You are welcome to visit the site and poke around at what we have going on.

If you like what you see on the site and are interested in membership, check out the application threads. All applications will be read by either myself or one of the other fine officers to gauge compatibility with the community.

We offer rich story and a detailed website with IP Chat and even a Vent server. We have an amazing community of members and leadership dedicated to bringing an epic experience to everyone involved. I encourage any real Star Wars fans with a vivid imagination to check out our site.

Lord Tyberius
Academy Overseer
Pravus Axiom
Sith Empire