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11.28.2012 , 04:01 PM | #48
Assassin / Shadow
-Maul / Shadow Strike 5k Capable (when Duplicity / Infiltration Tactics proc)
-Discharge / Force Breach 5k Capable (w/5 stacks and using Recklessness / Force Potency)
-Shock / Project 5k Capable (when Chain Shock / Upheaval proc)
-Deathfield / Force in Balance 5k Capable
concerning the discharge.. (25% to get stack, more than 20 attacks to get 5 stacks) with 12 sec cd.. u have to w8 5-15 sec and do not use yr discharge.. just to get extra 1.5k? useless feature. there is higher probability that ull die b4 ull get 5 stacks.

my full wh aug assassin 600 dmg bonus/75-76 crit mult (with buff) till the moment was not able to hit ANY1 with deathfield for 5k, maximum i did is 4k (a bit higher). this is with plus 30% to crit multipl (105%).