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11.28.2012 , 04:00 PM | #9
It sounds to me like you might want to give the following a try:

Sith Juggernaut or Jedi Knight. These guys are up close and personal in their fighting. And Force Leap makes getting to the next mob a breeze. They have lightsabers, so it's very Star Wars. Plus, they wear heavy armor, so they aren't as squishy as your Marauder was. And they can do pretty good DPS and you'd have the option to tank if you wanted to give it a try again.

Bounty Hunter Powertech or Trooper Vanguard. These guys are generally up close and personal with some ranged thrown in. Very good DPS, and also with the option to tank if you wanted to try again. Heavy armor wearers, so not really squishy. Plus the BH starts out with a healer companion.

Sith Assassin or Jedi Shadow. Again, up close and personal, but with some added force powers thrown in. And stealth. So, you can sneak past mobs if you want to. Very good DPS, and depsite the light armor, also option to tank. Shadow gets the healer much earlier than the Assassin if that matters to you. Both start with a tank companion.

Bounty Hunter Mercenary or Trooper Commando. Ranged killers. You can light things up from far away while your companion gets in close. Heavy armor wearers, to help with survivability, plus the option to heal, so you can keep your own health up easily enough even without speccing into a healing tree.

Agent Sniper or Gunslinger. Awesome ranged killers. Both can destroy things in a heartbeat. Very fun classes to play. Slight squishy early on, but not too bad overall. Both start with tank companions to keep the heat off of you while you kill everything. All they do is kill stuff. And fast.

You certainly don't need to PVP if you don't want to. I haven't done one bit of PVP and I'm quite well geared. Just make sure you use your planetary commendations to keep your gear up to date and you'll be fine.

Also, I generally only use or two companions depending on which toon I have. And those are the ones I'll keep geared up. If I'm playing a healer, I usually stick with a tank companion to keep the mobs off of me. For dps, I usually stick with my tank to keep mobs off of me, or a healer to keep me healed while I'm killing everything. If I'm a tank, I'll use a healer or a dps. Playing a tank with healer companion, things die a little more slowly, but I'm almost impossible to kill. With a tank and dps companion, things die more quickly, but there's a bit more time in between fights needed to heal.