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No I am not discounting the "story" of TOR, I am discounting the statistics. When the Imperial player classes fight with Revan at around level, what 30-35? Revan is by no means at the peak of his powers, need I remind you that The Emperor has been leaching off Revan's power for the last 300 hundred plus years? Beside that fact, there is no way a level 50 in this game, could ever be comparred to a level 20 Revan in KOTOR. Levels are just numbers, they do not determine the power of a character in a continuety. The player classes being at thier peak when fighting Malgus, does not equal the peak of Revan's or Malak's power.

Therefore Malak wins hands down, for being more powerful than Revan before he was converted back to the light, and Revan being more powerful than Malgus could ever be.
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