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I'm not complaining about anything, I'm merely pointing out bad design. No AoE should not be so powerful as powerful as a top-tier single-target ability, let alone be the highest hitting attack in the whole game.

As my sig states, I'm a Merc healer. Smash Juggs or Sentinels are not very good at pressuring me one on one, but the fact that they are so common means that the total damage output to my team is simply overwhelming. And yes, total damage output does matter because triaging is infinitely more difficult when you have multiple teammates in execute range.
Tell them to stop gathering around like moths.... If your teammates are all getting blasted at the same time, there is something wrong... The people complaining about smashes are facetanking, when its obviously a bad idea. It also good deterrent to the "g-bang" that is SWTOR PvP.... So... Moral... tell your teammates to stop gathering at the flame, and don't be in melee range often... PvP Defense 101...
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