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Okay, so my commando just started Tatooine (she's level 26 now). I had been using Jorgan, and although my health would take a heavy hit during our fights sometimes, we would mow stuff down. I could concentrate on the Elite, and he could take the adds. I didn't even bring out Elara. Then I got FourEx. Was going to use FourEx so he could tank for me, but guildies convinced me to use Elara. Don't get me wrong, staying healed is great, but the fights are so much longer, and I end up running out of energy now.

So my first question is, which companion do you suggest?

Second question - what is a good leveling rotation? I had a good one down with Jorgan, and the mobs imploded quickly (I have high presence, so he ends up doing more damage than I do), but now with Elara, like I said, I'm running out of power with the same rotation.

Any advice you could give on either of the above topics would help me. Back in the beginning of the game, I had Elara out the whole time after I got her, and I managed, but I haven't played that character since February, so I can't remember all that did.

Also, do you recommend leveling up companion affection mostly at the same time, or concentrate on one until you've had all the chats you are going to have that chapter, then moving on to another, etc.?
Gunnery spec I used Elara pretty much exclusively once I got her. I felt like my DPS was sufficient on my own and having her healing me meant I could chain pull 3-5 encounters before having to stop to regen health and ammo. Other than Mortar Volley I also usually didn't use my other AoEs because I thought they burned up too much ammo too fast compared to the damage done. MV would usually kill 1 group, then I'd kill the next group or 2 with FA, grav round and HiB, then MV would be off CD, lather, rince repeat. I started using the other AoEs once I got the higher tier ammo regen talents because I could afford it then, but not early on.

For comp affection I usually buy them off as much as possible and whatever else they get while I'm out is just a bonus, then save up all their conversations until I got to a planet I didn't like, then I'd use companion converstations to get a level or 2 fast so I could just do my class story on that planet and get off of it fast.
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