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11.28.2012 , 03:39 PM | #7
I just got my Gunnery Commando to 50 two days ago, so my leveling experiences are still pretty fresh. I used Elara pretty much the whole way and didn't feel like the fights were abnormally long or drawn out.

Use your Sticky Grenade directly followed by Mortar Volley for any grouped baddies. Those two combined take out almost any weak/normal mobs. If there's anything left, one Hammer Shot each is enough to finish them off - or use Hail if you're in a hurry.

For elites, I found that the most boring rotation was the most effective. Basically use FA and HiB when they are off CD, and fill in the spaces with Grav Rounds. If you find yourself with extra ammo, drop a Mortar Volley or get in close and throw a stockstrike in there.

For elites with adds, AoE is your friend. Throw a Sticky Grenade on one of the normals to stun them, then drop your Mortar on the group. If you're feeling nimble, line them up and blast them with Pulse Cannon. Mortar/Sticky/Pulse takes out pretty much any adds you'll face in solo content.