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You hide in a PreMade to farm newb 50's, pretend that means you're good, and are scared to face other PreMades.

Solution (this is obvious, so try to ignore it and pretend it's not the case, ok?):

Come to the forums to QQ lobby against what would enact real competition in the form of a solo vs group X-server system.

Hide huh, sure it has nothing todo with playing with friends/guildies and maybe they only have 4 ppl to play with and can't do ranked or maybe they are sick of pugging with whiners like yourself that do nothing to help win but tell everyone they suck in game?

And on my server you run into premades all the time which means fun games, this whole premade vs pug is the common scenario is hog wash.

only true fix is cross server ques with a better match making system.
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