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Hello Jung Ma!

<Esoteric Order> will be hosting its very own 3v3 Tournament. Almost exactly like the one Shimigami tried to hold. It will be at the Outlaw's Den, teams of 3 will sign up by paying 100k. We will then match people up based on random dice rolls. The Contestants will jump in the pit, fight, and the winner will advance to the next bracket.

Losers will be able to fight the other loosing teams to see which set of losers are best .

Winners of the tournament will receive a percentage of the Prize money (Which will depend on how many teams sign up). All Factions, Guilds, and Players are welcome to attend. There will be no limit on the amount of teams a guild can enter either. They must simply pay 100k per team.

The rules will be very simple:
-No Companions
-No Battle Rez

Other than those rules, anything goes.

"But Seli! What about the Griefers and trolls!?"- Well, I can't promise there won't be any, but when they come we will hopefully be able to deal with them this time. Be prepared for it. We know they are there. We'll do our best to have the event regardless.

Date: December 14th
Time: 8PM EST
Location: The Pit at the Outlaw's Den
Event Type: PvP

I highly encourage spectators to come cheer the teams on. Its a good socializing event! If anyone here has ideas they'd like to share with me, please feel free. The same goes for comments and concerns!
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