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Giving BH Comms, Molecular Stabilizers or any other raid quality crafting material... That just cheapens the raids and makes them less worth running because you can farm your mats and have all of the ilvl 63 mods, enhancements, hilts and armoring made for you. This is not what you do at all, and I am sure that BioWare would agree with me on that one.

The answer is to give value to the bonus quest series in flashpoints. A set reward in credits is a good one, as in something similar to dailies. For completing the entire bonus series in a FP, players should receive an additional 11k credits and 3 daily tokens. There is always a use for daily tokens, especially for getting those relics, legacy gear and mounts.

It keeps the game flow proper, adds incentive to complete the bonus series and not make things all a speed run but still leaves the option for skipping by group decision.
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